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21-01-21 (19:51)   This Is One Of The Rarest Special Edition Nintendo DS Consoles (Looper)
20-01-21 (22:06)   The Nintendo Switch is a Good Sign Nintendo Needs to Stop Innovating (DualShockers)
20-01-21 (17:05)   The Rarest Nintendo 3DS Game Probably Isn't What You'd Expect (Looper)
20-01-21 (13:01)   All Nintendo Gaming Hardware Ranked from Worst to Best (GamingBolt)
14-01-21 (02:57)   Nintendo 2DS XL vs. Nintendo 3DS XL (Digital Trends)
13-01-21 (22:56)   Asus TUF Dash F15 Gaming Laptop Launched, Dual-Screen ZenBook Pro Duo 15 Refreshed at CES 2021 (Gadgets 360)
13-01-21 (21:05)   ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED and Duo 14 bring dual-screen to the mainstream (SlashGear)
13-01-21 (20:11)   Asus' latest dual-screen ZenBook Duo is the perfect laptop for CES 2021 - CNET (C-Net News.com)
13-01-21 (19:12)   ASUS made its next wave of dual-screen laptops more practical (Engadget)
13-01-21 (19:10)   Asus ZenBook Duo (2021) UX482E Dual Screen Laptop First Impressions (Gadgets 360)
13-01-21 (19:06)   Asus' 2021 laptop line includes two new dual-screen ZenBooks (TheVerge)
12-01-21 (20:51)   ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE adds 4K option and CPU/GPU upgrades to dual-screen laptop (SlashGear)
12-01-21 (19:58)   ASUS's ROG Flow X13 is a tiny gaming convertible with an eGPU (Engadget)
12-01-21 (18:10)   Lenovo refreshes its ThinkBooks with a dual-screen ThinkBook Plus and AMD Ryzen processors (Neowin.net)
12-01-21 (17:28)   Nintendo Switch sales surpass those of the 3DS (Pocket Gamer.biz)
11-01-21 (23:05)   ET Deals: Nearly $800 Off Dell 2020 Vostro 15 7500 Core i7, LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen OLED Qualcomm SnapDragon 855 Smartphone for $299 (ExtremeTech)
09-01-21 (00:23)   Lego City: Undercover Games Have Been Delisted From the Wii U and 3DS eShops (DualShockers)
07-01-21 (10:45)   Netflix ends its support for 3DS and Wii U this Summer (Pocket-lint)
06-01-21 (21:17)   Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Netflix App to be Disabled in June (Sirus Gaming)
06-01-21 (20:11)   Netflix won't work much longer on your old Wii U or 3DS - CNET (C-Net News.com)
06-01-21 (19:58)   Netflix won't work on Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS after June 30th (Engadget)
06-01-21 (19:41)   Netflix Shutting Down Service On Wii U, 3DS (GameSpot)
06-01-21 (18:49)   Netflix on the Wii U and 3DS will shut down on June 30th (TheVerge)
06-01-21 (15:23)   Netflix Will no Longer Work on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS From June (DualShockers)
06-01-21 (14:32)   Alas, thy Nintendo 3DS will no longer be thy Netflix main driver (TNW)
06-01-21 (13:56)   Netflix will stop working on both the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS after June 30 (Neowin.net)
06-01-21 (13:07)   Netflix pulls the plug on Wii U/3DS in summer 2021 (Nintendo Enthusiast)
06-01-21 (12:01)   Netflix ending Wii U, 3DS support on June 30 (GamesIndusty.biz)
06-01-21 (11:20)   Netflix to shut down on 3DS, Wii U (Eurogamer.net)
04-01-21 (22:24)   Select Nintendo DS Games Are Getting Pulled From The 3DS Eshop (GameSpot)
04-01-21 (22:10)   Nintendo DS Games Are Getting Pulled From The 3DS Eshop (GameSpot)
04-01-21 (17:32)   Peugeot shareholders say yes to merger with Fiat Chrysler (Ars Technica)
04-01-21 (17:18)   The Fiat Chrysler-Peugeot merger gets the OK from shareholders (Ars Technica)
27-12-20 (16:14)   The Fascinating Visual Novel About Time Travel From One Of The Creators Of Suikoden (Kotaku)
22-12-20 (19:11)   Flash sale: The $700 dual-screen LG G8X ThinQ phone is on sale for $300 - CNET (C-Net News.com)
18-12-20 (20:38)   The defunct Swapnote for 3DS has been updated (Nintendo Enthusiast)
10-12-20 (18:37)   The Game Awards 2020 - Tune in and Watch Live with The DualShockers Staff Tonight (DualShockers)
05-12-20 (14:10)   Looking back at the 3DS: Nintendo's pillar in the early 2010s (Neowin.net)
30-11-20 (19:10)   ASUS's dual-screen ZenBook Pro Duo is $400 off today (Neowin.net)
23-11-20 (11:30)   Monster Hunter Stories Switch Port Not Currently Planned, Capcom Says (GamingBolt)
17-11-20 (19:07)   A new system update has been released...for the Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo Enthusiast)
17-11-20 (03:24)   The Nintendo 3DS Has Received Its First Firmware Update In Nearly A Year (GameSpot)
06-11-20 (13:39)   LG Velvet Dual Screen Smartphone Up for Pre-Order on Flipkart With Bank Discounts (Gadgets 360)
05-11-20 (09:41)   Nintendo Switch lifetime sales soar past the NES (Engadget)
30-10-20 (17:06)   Five Niche Horror Games to Play for Halloween (DualShockers)
28-10-20 (08:56)   LG Velvet With Snapdragon 845 SoC, Dual Screen Accessory Launched in India: Price, Specifications (Gadgets 360)
23-10-20 (18:44)   Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo gets a temporary price cut (Windows Latest)
22-10-20 (13:37)   Death Stranding Composer Is Working on a New Project, But It's Not Related to Kojima Productions (DualShockers)
08-10-20 (12:15)   From Game Boy to 3DS: The legacy of Nintendo's handhelds (GamesIndusty.biz)
03-10-20 (02:07)   Team Xecuter leaders arrested for piracy, including of Switch and 3DS (Nintendo Enthusiast)
27-09-20 (15:06)   The World Ends With You - The Animation Reveals New Visual Featuring Full Characters (DualShockers)
25-09-20 (14:38)   Square Enix sale slashes prices on 17 Switch and 3DS games (Nintendo Enthusiast)
21-09-20 (02:55)   Nintendo 3DS Online Functions Will Remain Intact For A Long Time Yet (GameSpot)
20-09-20 (01:37)   The World Ends With You - The Animation Gets New Trailer, Teases Anime's Opening (DualShockers)
19-09-20 (17:47)   A fond farewell to the weird and wonderful Nintendo DS (Ars Technica)
19-09-20 (02:13)   The LG Wing is a dual-screen wonder (Mashable)
19-09-20 (00:44)   Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo is robust and durable (Windows Latest)
18-09-20 (12:13)   This Week in Asia: Black Desert franchise hits $1.7 billion revenue as Nintendo ceases 3DS production (Pocket Gamer.biz)
18-09-20 (01:54)   RIP Nintendo 3DS (Gizmodo)
18-09-20 (00:45)   The Nintendo 3DS' Surprisingly Social Legacy (WIRED)
17-09-20 (22:47)   The Nintendo 3DS has been discontinued - long live the Switch (TNW)
17-09-20 (21:57)   Nintendo's 3DS discontinuation marks the end of an era for handheld gaming (Digital Trends)
17-09-20 (18:41)   The Nintendo 3DS is discontinued (Polygon)
17-09-20 (18:01)   The end of the 3DS marks an inflection point for portable gaming (Ars Technica)
17-09-20 (17:42)   Nintendo says goodbye to 3DS production (Pocket Gamer.biz)
17-09-20 (17:23)   The Nintendo 3DS Range Has Officially Been Discontinued (DualShockers)
17-09-20 (17:10)   Nintendo 3DS Has Been Officially Discontinued (GameSpot)
17-09-20 (16:53)   Game over: Nintendo discontinues 3DS console line after almost a decade (Syfy Wire)
17-09-20 (16:45)   Nintendo winds down 3DS production after almost a decade (Gamasutra)
17-09-20 (16:26)   Nintendo ends production of its Nintendo 3DS line - CNET (C-Net News.com)
17-09-20 (16:09)   Nintendo 3DS Production Has Officially Ended (Den of Geek)
17-09-20 (16:05)   Nintendo pulls the plug on 3DS production (SlashGear)
17-09-20 (15:06)   Nintendo 3DS officially discontinued (Eurogamer.net)
17-09-20 (12:42)   The Nintendo 3DS is dead. Long live the Nintendo 3DS. (Mashable)
17-09-20 (11:41)   End of an era: Nintendo has discontinued the 3DS handheld (Neowin.net)
17-09-20 (10:12)   Nintendo has discontinued the 3DS family (Engadget)
17-09-20 (09:44)   Nintendo 3DS discontinued (GamesIndusty.biz)
17-09-20 (09:29)   Nintendo Officially Ends 3DS Production For Japan (Kotaku)
17-09-20 (08:49)   Nintendo has discontinued the 3DS (TheVerge)
17-09-20 (08:21)   Nintendo 3DS production has come to an end (Nintendo Enthusiast)
15-09-20 (14:00)   Anime Created On Nintendo 3DS Took Four Years To Make (Kotaku)
15-09-20 (13:27)   The Morning After: LG gets weird again with the dual-screen Wing (Engadget)
15-09-20 (08:32)   Microsoft introduces new Web APIs for Dual Screen and Foldable Devices; How to get started (WinCentral)
15-09-20 (00:12)   Oracle eyes TikTok, Oculus 2, LG's dual-screen phone | Digital Trends Live (Digital Trends)
14-09-20 (19:40)   The LG Wing 5G swiveling phone is a wacky take on the dual-screen trend - CNET (C-Net News.com)
14-09-20 (19:40)   The LG Wing launch also sneaked in a tease for this other experimental dual-screen phone - CNET (C-Net News.com)
14-09-20 (18:01)   Introducing Web APIs for Dual Screen and Foldable Devices (Microsoft Blogs)
14-09-20 (17:54)   The LG Wing is a new dual screen smartphone with a swiveling display (On MSFT)
14-09-20 (16:20)   The LG Wing's twisting screen offers a new spin on the dual-screen smartphone (TheVerge)
14-09-20 (16:13)   Swiveling LG Wing 5G takes dual-screen phones in a new direction (Mashable)
14-09-20 (16:12)   LG's Wing 5G is the strangest dual-screen phone we've ever seen (Engadget)
12-09-20 (18:59)   Peek into the guts of Microsoft's dual screen Surface Duo (Mashable)
11-09-20 (20:41)   A great Super Mario 64 port already exists, on the Nintendo DS (Polygon)
10-09-20 (21:16)   Microsoft's Surface Duo dual-screen Android phone now available starting at US$1399, early reviews unimpressed (NotebookCheck.net)
10-09-20 (18:15)   Surface Duo review: Why I'm still confused about Microsoft's dual-screen device (ZDNet News)
10-09-20 (17:44)   Surface Duo review: Microsoft's dual-screen device is a scratch looking for an itch (ZDNet News)
10-09-20 (15:12)   Microsoft Surface Duo review: An exciting, expensive, erratic affair (Engadget)
10-09-20 (15:09)   Microsoft's Surface Duo Is a Revolution in the Making (Gizmodo)
10-09-20 (05:36)   Surface Neo is still coming as Microsoft plans other dual-screen sizes (SlashGear)
09-09-20 (19:45)   LG Velvet durability test confirms the origin of the screen in its Dual Screen accessory (NotebookCheck.net)
06-09-20 (23:54)   The Power of LG Compels You (Gizmodo)
04-09-20 (16:01)   Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs LG V60: Dual screen experiences that boost productivity (ZDNet News)
02-09-20 (13:10)   LG Teases Dual Screen Smartphone Launch on September 14, Could be 'Wing' (Gadgets 360)
02-09-20 (05:12)   LG teases a reveal of its dual-screen 'Wing' phone on September 14th (Engadget)
02-09-20 (05:01)   LG's new T-shaped dual screen smartphone to be unveiled on September 14 (ZDNet News)
02-09-20 (04:06)   LG hints at dual-screen swiveling 'Wing' phone in new video (TheVerge)
01-09-20 (18:09)   Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Z Fold2 dual screen phone, available September 18th for $1999 (On MSFT)
01-09-20 (16:12)   The Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be available on September 18th for $2,000 (Engadget)
28-08-20 (17:11)   Unboxing Microsoft's Surface Duo: Here's what comes with the dual-screen phone - CNET (C-Net News.com)
27-08-20 (13:51)   LG's Bizarre 'Wing' Dual-Screen Phone Leaks on Video (ExtremeTech)
26-08-20 (18:12)   APT Hackers Exploit Autodesk 3ds Max Software for Industrial Espionage (The Hacker News)
26-08-20 (17:18)   The LG Wing is a "T" shaped, dual-screen smartphone (Ars Technica)
26-08-20 (12:16)   LG Wing rotating dual screen phone is real, here's the video (Pocket-lint)
26-08-20 (11:01)   Mercenary hacker group targets companies with 3Ds Max malware (ZDNet News)
25-08-20 (06:16)   LG Wing dual-screen phone benchmarks leak out: Is a launch imminent? (Pocket-lint)
24-08-20 (11:16)   Windows 10 could soon run on your Android smartphone: Windows 10 for ARM developers mark a milestone with dual-screen display now supported on the Lumia 950 XL (NotebookCheck.net)
17-08-20 (16:06)   The Nintendo Switch Still Has Its Most Glaring Feature Omission (DualShockers)
16-08-20 (00:23)   Dark Souls Meets Hollow Knight in Brilliant Art Crossover (DualShockers)
15-08-20 (00:27)   Engadget Podcast: All about the Surface Duo and Galaxy Watch 3 (Engadget)
12-08-20 (20:18)   Microsoft launches dual-screen Surface Duo (On Pre-order) amid criticisms of high price, 1-year old processor, low Battery capacity & pre-loaded bloatware. All that you need to know (WinCentral)
12-08-20 (19:11)   The Surface Duo dual-screen phone could make Microsoft harder to dismiss - CNET (C-Net News.com)
12-08-20 (18:11)   Microsoft Surface Duo's dual-screen hinge design is already winning me over - CNET (C-Net News.com)
12-08-20 (15:12)   Android-plus-Windows could be just what dual-screen devices need (Engadget)
12-08-20 (15:12)   You can pre-order Microsoft's Surface Duo foldable phone today (Engadget)
12-08-20 (15:01)   Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo phone arrives next month for $1,399 (TNW)
12-08-20 (14:30)   Forget the Microsoft Duo: LG's Dual Screen devices offer more for hundreds less (ZDNet News)
12-08-20 (14:30)   Surface Duo: Microsoft's $1,400 dual-screen Android phone coming September 10 (ZDNet News)
12-08-20 (12:42)   Microsoft's Surface Duo is a dual-screen 'risk' that might pay off. Just don't call it a phone. (Mashable)
10-08-20 (17:40)   More Surface Duo Leaks Hint at Imminent Launch and Upcoming Carrier Support (Gizmodo)
07-08-20 (13:37)   Pokemon Sword and Shield Are Now Third Best Selling Pokemon Games (DualShockers)
31-07-20 (22:06)   The Six Developers We Want To Make a Nintendo Game (DualShockers)
31-07-20 (21:55)   Refurbished SNES Classic, 3DS XL, And More Available From Nintendo (GameSpot)
31-07-20 (21:23)   Microsoft Is Reportedly Delaying the Dual-Screen Surface Neo (Gizmodo)
30-07-20 (23:58)   Microsoft gives us another look at the dual-screen Surface Duo (Windows Latest)
30-07-20 (18:06)   Dark Souls Meets Hollow Knight in This Creative Fan Art Crossover (DualShockers)
30-07-20 (11:41)   Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 leak shows improved hinge design (Engadget)
29-07-20 (19:43)   Fans Spot Countless Differences In 'Gigaleak' Pokémon Diamond Prototype (Kotaku)
29-07-20 (10:58)   Microsoft officially delays Surface Neo dual-screen device (Windows Latest)
28-07-20 (23:06)   Super Mario 64 Unseen Enemy Restored as Part of Recent Nintendo "Gigaleaks" (DualShockers)
27-07-20 (03:37)   The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link Is a Fan-Made Game in Ocarina of Time's Engine (DualShockers)
24-07-20 (16:52)   Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Movie Scheduled to Hit Theaters April 2022 (DualShockers)
24-07-20 (14:30)   Microsoft's Surface Duo dual-screen Android device takes another big step forwards (ZDNet News)
23-07-20 (20:40)   The Medium Trailer Reveals Dual-Screen Gameplay (Den of Geek)
23-07-20 (11:23)   Microsoft's Surface Duo dual-screen Android phone tested by FCC and could get an early release (On MSFT)
21-07-20 (18:23)   Google Might Be Tinkering With a Dual-Screen Chromebook (Gizmodo)
21-07-20 (17:41)   LG's $599 Velvet 5G phone arrives in the US tomorrow (Engadget)
20-07-20 (21:43)   Microsoft's dual-screen Windows 10X devices may be delayed to 2022 (Digital Trends)
20-07-20 (16:01)   Microsoft plans for single-screen Windows 10X rollout in spring 2021; dual-screen in spring 2022 (ZDNet News)
20-07-20 (15:27)   Windows 10X reportedly isn't arriving on dual-screen devices until 2022 (Neowin.net)
20-07-20 (12:59)   Could a dual-screen Chromebook be coming in the future? (Pocket-lint)
19-07-20 (01:37)   The Last of Us Part 2 Review Bombing Makes Metacritic Revamp User Reviews (DualShockers)
14-07-20 (16:09)   Microsoft has reportedly delayed July launch for its dual-screen Surface Duo (On MSFT)
14-07-20 (14:54)   Microsoft has reportedly delayed July launch for its dual-screen Surface Neo (On MSFT)
09-07-20 (10:39)   A new look at the Surface Duo's dual screen experience (All About Windows Phone)
09-07-20 (04:05)   Surface Duo emulator gives a glimpse of the dual-screen future (SlashGear)
04-07-20 (18:43)   The World Ends With You Anime Releases Next Year (Kotaku)
04-07-20 (06:06)   The World Ends With You - The Animation Gets Its First Trailer (DualShockers)
01-07-20 (23:16)   Nintendo 3DS bugs are no longer eligible for the HackerOne program (NotebookCheck.net)
01-07-20 (09:40)   Nintendo Appears To Be Dropping The 3DS From Its HackerOne Bug Bounty Program (Nintendo Life)
30-06-20 (17:23)   Pokemon Sword And Shield Guide - How To Claim Free Shiny Zeraora (DualShockers)
30-06-20 (17:12)   ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 review: The first good dual-screen laptop (Engadget)
30-06-20 (05:52)   What late 3DS game would you have rather seen on Switch? (Nintendo Enthusiast)
29-06-20 (16:12)   LG Velvet hands-on: The case for mid-range, dual-screen phones (Engadget)
29-06-20 (14:06)   Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 Revealed at BitSummit Gaiden With a First Look Trailer (DualShockers)
29-06-20 (11:09)   UK Charts: 3DS Game Bravely Second: End Layer Makes A Surprise Leap To Second Place (Nintendo Life)
29-06-20 (11:01)   The Last of Us Part 2 Retains Top Spot In UK Charts (GamingBolt)
28-06-20 (17:44)   3DS, SpongeBob SquarePants and The Last of Us Part 2 lead UK Charts (GamesIndusty.biz)
27-06-20 (00:23)   Bravely Default 2 Enters Its Final Stages of Development (DualShockers)
26-06-20 (16:16)   A dual-screen Lenovo Yoga Windows 10 X tablet is incoming (Pocket-lint)
26-06-20 (16:09)   Switch eShop Exploit Encourages Fake 'Leaks' Of Wii U And 3DS Game Rereleases (Nintendo Life)
26-06-20 (15:05)   Lenovo dual-screen Yoga laptop might be in the works (SlashGear)
26-06-20 (13:16)   Leak confirms new Lenovo Yoga dual-screen device running Windows 10X (NotebookCheck.net)
22-06-20 (19:02)   Asus' insane dual-screen laptop streak continues with the Zephyrus Duo 15 for $2999 USD (NotebookCheck.net)
22-06-20 (15:57)   Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15: a dual-screen gaming speedster with great graphics - CNET (C-Net News.com)
22-06-20 (15:57)   Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 review: Dual-screen gaming in your lap (Digital Trends)
20-06-20 (14:47)   As Microsoft plans Surface Duo launch, Your Phone to get Dual-screen support (WinCentral)
19-06-20 (13:20)   Retailers are selling off loads of 3DS games from just Ł2 (Eurogamer.net)
17-06-20 (20:37)   Theory Crafting - Why Pokemon Let's Go Johto Could Be Next Week's Big Pokemon Reveal (DualShockers)
15-06-20 (18:40)   That Microsoft Dual Screen Android Phone May Be Coming a Lot Sooner Than You Think (Gizmodo)
15-06-20 (15:54)   Could Apple be working on a Surface Duo-like dual-screen iPhone? (On MSFT)
15-06-20 (13:02)   LG Velvet 5G coming to Europe this month followed by North America, dual-screen case with active stylus support inbound too (NotebookCheck.net)
15-06-20 (03:51)   Surface Duo dual-screen phone could debut next month (SlashGear)
11-06-20 (16:12)   ASUS ZenBook Duo review: A dual-screen ultraportable with compromises (Engadget)
11-06-20 (13:09)   10 Years Ago, Tech Giant Panasonic Almost Took On The Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo Life)
10-06-20 (18:26)   Intel's hybrid Lakefield processors may usher in a new era of dual-screen PCs (Digital Trends)
10-06-20 (18:10)   Intel details its new Lakefield processors for dual-screen and foldable PCs (Neowin.net)
09-06-20 (13:29)   Nintendo Confirms Another 140,000 Accounts Were Possibly Breached In April (Kotaku)
09-06-20 (05:07)   Pac-Man Championship Edition Demake began as a 3DS title (Nintendo Enthusiast)
08-06-20 (14:40)   M2's Pac-Man Championship Edition Demake Was Originally Intended For The 3DS (Nintendo Life)
06-06-20 (18:54)   Get A Physical Copy Of Etrian Mystery Dungeon On 3DS For Just Ł4.99 - This Weekend Only (Nintendo Life)
04-06-20 (02:43)   Report: Old Pokémon Games' Encounter Rates Are Different On Different Days (Kotaku)
28-05-20 (07:40)   Limited Run Hopes To Do "A Few More" 3DS Releases If Atooi's Physical Collection Is Successful (Nintendo Life)
27-05-20 (16:40)   Nintendo 3DS Emulator Citra Comes To Android Smartphones (Nintendo Life)
27-05-20 (01:43)   Android Now Has A Very Good 3DS Emulator (Kotaku)
25-05-20 (14:38)   Nintendo leaks continue with source code for Pokémon Gen 4 and 3DS (Nintendo Enthusiast)
24-05-20 (20:55)   We Could Still Get More Physical 3DS Games, But This One Must Succeed (GameSpot)
24-05-20 (04:38)   To Nintendo's dismay, a 3DS emulator is now on Android (Nintendo Enthusiast)
23-05-20 (18:10)   We Could Get More Physical 3DS Games, But This One Has To Sell Well (GameSpot)
23-05-20 (16:43)   Please Enjoy This Giant Nintendo DS (Kotaku)
23-05-20 (00:37)   New Nintendo 2DS XL: Get the Handheld for A Mere $99 (DualShockers)
22-05-20 (23:23)   Minecraft Celebrates Pac-Man's 40th Anniversary With Challenging New Maze DLC (DualShockers)
21-05-20 (17:24)   More Physical 3DS Games Could Be Coming, If This One Does Well (GameSpot)
20-05-20 (08:10)   A New Physical 3DS Game,The Atooi Collection, Is Releasing (GameSpot)
20-05-20 (07:09)   Atooi Reconfirms Its 5-In-1 Nintendo 3DS Physical Collection Is Still On The Way (Nintendo Life)
19-05-20 (11:40)   Someone Bought A Duke Nukem Prototype For Nintendo DS On eBay (Nintendo Life)
18-05-20 (18:40)   Lots Of Sonic Games Are Discounted On Nintendo Switch And 3DS Right Now (North America) (Nintendo Life)
18-05-20 (16:01)   Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo: Specs emerge, suggesting it'll cost less than Galaxy Fold (ZDNet News)
17-05-20 (21:09)   Review: 80's Overdrive - Warmed-Up 3DS Racer Is Outpaced By The Competiton On Switch (Nintendo Life)
15-05-20 (19:31)   Lenovo ThinkBook Plus dual-screen laptop with Intel Core i5-10210U and 8 GB of RAM is now shipping for US$1,299 (NotebookCheck.net)
13-05-20 (04:52)   Nintendo set to close even more limited eShops for 3DS (Nintendo Enthusiast)
12-05-20 (19:09)   No One Wants a Swivel Phone in 2020, but Apparently, That Won't Stop LG from Trying (Gizmodo)
12-05-20 (13:06)   LG is reportedly developing a dual-screen handset with a swivelling display (TheVerge)
11-05-20 (12:05)   Microsoft is giving Chromium a dual-screen emulator (SlashGear)
11-05-20 (05:41)   Microsoft working on adding support for dual-screen devices to Chromium (Neowin.net)
10-05-20 (17:58)   Microsoft is bringing dual-screen emulation to Chromium (Windows Latest)
08-05-20 (17:01)   Microsoft updates its emulator for its dual-screen Surface Duo device (ZDNet News)
07-05-20 (14:40)   The Top Ten Best-Selling Games For Wii U, 3DS, Wii And DS (As Of March 2020) (Nintendo Life)
07-05-20 (12:40)   3DS Sales See 73% Year-On-Year Decline, No Future Sales Forecast Provided (Nintendo Life)
07-05-20 (10:52)   Pokémon Sword and Shield have outsold all the 3DS Pokémon games (Nintendo Enthusiast)
06-05-20 (06:23)   Minecraft Dungeons Was Originally Considered For 3DS And Inspired By Zelda (Nintendo Life)
04-05-20 (20:12)   Microsoft shifts the focus on Windows 10X to single-screen devices (Engadget)
30-04-20 (23:23)   Nintendo Direct Reportedly Not Happening This June (DualShockers)
28-04-20 (23:23)   Nintendo To Close Limited 3DS, Wii U eShops in Latin America, Caribbean (DualShockers)
28-04-20 (19:30)   Nintendo closing 3DS and Wii U eShops in Latin America and the Caribbean (GamesIndusty.biz)
28-04-20 (16:51)   Nintendo shutting down 3DS and Wii U eShops in 42 countries (SlashGear)
28-04-20 (16:28)   Nintendo closing 'limited' Wii U and 3DS eShops in the Caribbean and Latin America (Gamasutra)
28-04-20 (14:02)   LG confirms a heap of leaked Velvet specs with Stylus Pen and Dual Screen accessories to be sold separately; Quad DAC may not be included (NotebookCheck.net)
28-04-20 (12:43)   Let's Compare Xenoblade Chronicles Wii And Switch Graphics (Kotaku)
28-04-20 (10:42)   LG Velvet specs revealed: 48-megapixel camera, optional dual screen (Mashable)
28-04-20 (05:09)   Nintendo To Shutdown "Limited" Wii U And 3DS eShops In Select Countries (Nintendo Life)
28-04-20 (03:38)   Soft shutdown of Wii U/3DS eShop services begins in July in select regions (Nintendo Enthusiast)
21-04-20 (02:07)   Nintendo Showdown: Which 3DS Fire Emblem game reigns supreme? (Nintendo Enthusiast)
20-04-20 (20:16)   The LG Velvet phone will have a Dual Screen accessory (NotebookCheck.net)
18-04-20 (22:02)   The dual-screen Lenovo ThinkBook Plus will be released soon (NotebookCheck.net)
17-04-20 (22:57)   Nintendo Switch firmware update reportedly hints at new dual-screen version (Digital Trends)
17-04-20 (20:35)   LG V60 Dual Screen review: V for versatility (TheVerge)
17-04-20 (16:05)   Could Nintendo Be Working on a Dual-Screen Switch Hybrid? (ExtremeTech)
16-04-20 (15:27)   There's some serious Cooking Mama drama going on right now (Engadget)
15-04-20 (06:23)   Nintendo Switch Shortages Are Driving Up The Price Of 3DS In Japan (Nintendo Life)
15-04-20 (04:40)   Bravely Default Producer Apologises For End Layer On 3DS, Says It Didn't Live Up To Expectations (Nintendo Life)
14-04-20 (19:37)   Bravely Default 2 - Here Are My 10 Takeaways from Playing the Demo (DualShockers)
14-04-20 (18:20)   Asus' dual-screen ZenBook Duo will cost $1,499 (TheVerge)
13-04-20 (09:31)   Dual-screen Asus ZenBook Duo UX481 launching this month with Core i7 and GeForce MX250 graphics (NotebookCheck.net)
12-04-20 (13:27)   Microsoft Weekly: More things to play, updated controls, and dual-screen hardware (Neowin.net)
10-04-20 (20:41)   LG V60 5G ThinQ review: A compromised phone I like anyway (Engadget)
09-04-20 (20:54)   LG's Dual Screen V60 Is So Charming, I Don't Mind Its Flaws (Gizmodo)
09-04-20 (19:51)   Microsoft May Not Ship Dual-Screen Surface Neo in 2020 After All (ExtremeTech)
09-04-20 (17:40)   Windows 10X and 10X Dual-Screen Devices Have Been Delayed to 2021: Report (Gizmodo)
09-04-20 (17:09)   Reminder: Abylight's Switch And 3DS Sale Ends Today, Up To 50% Off Select Games (North America) (Nintendo Life)
09-04-20 (15:34)   Microsoft reportedly delays Surface Neo and dual-screen Windows 10X devices until 2021 (BetaNews)
09-04-20 (10:56)   Microsoft Delays Windows 10X Launch, Surface Neo Dual-Screen Devices to Not Launch in 2020: Report (Gadgets 360)
05-04-20 (17:34)   LG V60 ThinQ 5G with Dual Screen Review: imperfect, yet magical (BetaNews)
04-04-20 (15:43)   The 15 best Nintendo DS games of all time (Digital Trends)
03-04-20 (08:05)   Microsoft dual screen device patent turns the hinge into a third screen (SlashGear)
02-04-20 (19:36)   ASUS' new dual-screen laptop is pretty weird - and that's just what we need (SlashGear)
02-04-20 (16:06)   Insta-Forum: What Games Are You Playing From Your Backlog? (DualShockers)
02-04-20 (15:51)   ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 dual-screen laptop leads huge gaming upgrade (SlashGear)
02-04-20 (10:25)   Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 Dual-Screen Gaming Laptop With 10th Gen Core i9, Nvidia GeForce RTX Super Launched (Gadgets 360)
02-04-20 (09:08)   We got our hands on the new dual-screen Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo (PC Gamer)
02-04-20 (09:06)   Hands-on with the dual-screen, ultra-premium Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 (Eurogamer.net)
31-03-20 (16:38)   Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition won't include 3DS version extras (Nintendo Enthusiast)
31-03-20 (15:30)   Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Will Not Have Exclusive 3DS Features (GamingBolt)
31-03-20 (06:24)   Xenoblade Chronicles On Switch Cuts Some Features From The 3DS Version (GameSpot)
31-03-20 (04:51)   LG V60 ThinQ 5G and its Dual Screen apparently work with Active Styluses (SlashGear)
31-03-20 (03:54)   The Definitive Edition Of Xenoblade Chronicles Won't Include Any Extras From The 3DS Port (Nintendo Life)
30-03-20 (18:09)   Abylight Hosts Switch And 3DS Sale, Get 50% Off For A Limited Time (North America) (Nintendo Life)
29-03-20 (18:10)   LG V60 ThinQ 5G review: Just give us a dual-screen phone (Neowin.net)
28-03-20 (18:02)   Microsoft Releases Dual-Screen Layout Control Preview for Android Devs (Thurrott.com)
27-03-20 (21:06)   DualShockers' Favorite Comforting and Relaxing Games (DualShockers)
27-03-20 (16:43)   LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen review: Not quite a flagship (Digital Trends)
27-03-20 (16:43)   How Cory In The House DS Went From Bad, Forgotten Game To Hilarious Meme (Kotaku)
26-03-20 (04:09)   Atlus Is Removing Code Of Princess From The 3DS eShop Next Week (Nintendo Life)
21-03-20 (15:10)   LG V60 ThinQ 5G and Dual Screen unboxing and first impressions (Neowin.net)
20-03-20 (20:44)   LG V60 ThinQ first look: Affordable 5G phone with practical dual-screen system (ZDNet News)
20-03-20 (01:40)   Guide: How To Customise Furniture In Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How To Import Designs From Animal Crossing On 3DS Explained (Nintendo Life)
18-03-20 (20:43)   Animal Crossing Taught Me How To Be An Adult (Kotaku)
17-03-20 (12:23)   Yikes, Nintendo Network Services And eShop Are Currently Down Across Switch, Wii U And 3DS (Nintendo Life)
17-03-20 (12:09)   Nintendo Network Services Are Currently Down Across Switch, Wii U And 3DS (Nintendo Life)
10-03-20 (19:01)   Microsoft updates Windows 10X emulator for dual-screen devices (ZDNet News)
06-03-20 (17:38)   Check out this big Mega Man sale on the 3DS and Switch eShop (Nintendo Enthusiast)
04-03-20 (17:12)   Surface Neo: Everything you need to know about Microsoft's first dual-screen PC (Digital Trends)
04-03-20 (12:23)   Mega Man Star Force, Ace Attorney Designer Shinsuke Kodama Leaves Capcom (DualShockers)
02-03-20 (17:40)   Microsoft's Dual-Screen Surface Duo Might Be Available Sooner Than Expected (Gizmodo)
01-03-20 (14:26)   Surface Duo: Everything you need to know about Microsoft's dual-screen phone (Digital Trends)
28-02-20 (16:11)   LG V60 hands-on: A Galaxy S20 alternative with a dual screen video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
28-02-20 (15:06)   Yacht Club Games Wants to "Approach Things Differently" from Shovel Knight to Develop New IP (DualShockers)
28-02-20 (09:53)   Microsoft Office for Android adds dual screen support (demoed) (All About Windows Phone)
28-02-20 (02:37)   Yacht Club Games is "Definitely Thinking About" Next-Gen and Future Shovel Knight Games (DualShockers)
27-02-20 (23:27)   Microsoft's Office app on Android might soon receive dual screen support (Neowin.net)
27-02-20 (13:38)   The 3DS has now been on the market for nine years (Nintendo Enthusiast)
27-02-20 (06:10)   LG V60 ThinQ 5G With Upgraded Dual Screen, 5,000mAh Battery Launched: Specifications (Gadgets 360)
27-02-20 (02:19)   LG V60 ThinQ 5G with Dual Screen brings much-needed excitement back to Android (BetaNews)
26-02-20 (21:11)   Hands-on LG V60 ThinQ: 5G with 8K video and dual-screen - CNET (C-Net News.com)
26-02-20 (19:36)   LG Announces the V60 ThinQ 5G With Another Dual-Screen Case (ExtremeTech)
26-02-20 (17:01)   LG isn't ready to give up on its Dual Screen approach, announces the V60 ThinQ 5G (ZDNet News)
26-02-20 (16:27)   Hands on with the LG V60 ThinQ 5G and Dual Screen, and it's pretty good (Neowin.net)
26-02-20 (16:12)   LG V60 ThinQ 5G hands-on: Two screens, not enough polish (Engadget)
26-02-20 (16:11)   LG V60 hands-on: 5G dual-screen phone takes on Galaxy S20 - CNET (C-Net News.com)
26-02-20 (16:10)   LG announces the V60 ThinQ 5G with Dual Screen, 8K video capture, and more (Neowin.net)
26-02-20 (16:09)   The Dual-Screen LG V60 Might Be the Sleeper Deal of the Season (Gizmodo)
25-02-20 (19:37)   Rune Factory 4 Special Review - It's Always Been Special To Me (DualShockers)
25-02-20 (15:30)   Android Studio 3.6 is out: Time-saving Google Maps UI and dual-screen support (ZDNet News)
24-02-20 (16:23)   Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Has ESRB Rating, Release Could be Near (DualShockers)
19-02-20 (16:15)   Microsoft patents dual-screen Surface with multiple cameras (Windows Latest)
14-02-20 (11:35)   Snack World - The Dungeon Crawl review: sugary sweet flashback to the 3DS' heyday (Eurogamer.net)
12-02-20 (22:02)   Windows 10X Dual Screen & Containers - What The Tech Ep. 465 (Thurrott.com)
12-02-20 (19:35)   Pokémon Home transferring guide: How to transfer between Sword and Shield and other Switch games, plus 3DS using Pokémon Bank (Eurogamer.net)
12-02-20 (15:01)   Microsoft: This is Windows 10X's new Wonder Bar for dual-screen devices (ZDNet News)
12-02-20 (13:22)   Surface Neo and Duo videos entice developers into a dual-screen world (SlashGear)
11-02-20 (19:05)   Windows 10X dual-screen emulator helps you peek at the Surface Neo future (SlashGear)
11-02-20 (17:44)   Microsoft 365 Developer Day: Dual-screen experiences (Microsoft Blogs)
11-02-20 (17:41)   Try out Windows 10X today with Microsoft's dual-screen emulator (Engadget)
11-02-20 (17:35)   Microsoft's new Windows 10X emulator lets anyone play around with the dual-screen OS (TheVerge)
11-02-20 (17:33)   Windows 10X Emulator Release Lets Developers Build Apps for Dual-Screen Devices (Thurrott.com)
11-02-20 (17:33)   Microsoft Proposes a Dual-Screen Future for Web Apps (Thurrott.com)
11-02-20 (16:40)   Learn more about Microsoft's dual screen devices plans during Microsoft Developer Day, starting at 8:30am PT (On MSFT)
11-02-20 (13:10)   Here's where to watch Microsoft's Developer Day event focused on dual-screen experiences (Neowin.net)
10-02-20 (20:11)   Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo phone shows up on a train - CNET (C-Net News.com)
08-02-20 (19:14)   Last Window Is One Of The Best Murder Mysteries In Gaming (Kotaku)
08-02-20 (04:37)   Death Stranding Sam Bridges Nendoroid Figurine Comes With a Ton of Tiny Packages to Deliver (DualShockers)
08-02-20 (00:52)   Mario Fan Blog Spotlights Rare Luigi's Mansion Memorabilia (DualShockers)
07-02-20 (19:06)   Bravely Default 2 Shines as One of My Most Anticipated RPGs of 2020 (DualShockers)
04-02-20 (00:23)   Yacht Club Director Wants to Keep Making Shovel Knight Games for "A Long Time" (DualShockers)
02-02-20 (17:43)   It's Time For A New Pushmo Game (Kotaku)
02-02-20 (02:06)   Minecraft Helped Bring Banjo-Kazooie to Smash Bros. (DualShockers)
31-01-20 (20:37)   Azure Striker Gunvolt and Its Sequel Are Finally Coming to PS4 in April (DualShockers)
31-01-20 (09:40)   President Of Nintendo Compares Sales Of Luigi's Mansion 3 To Previous Entry On 3DS (Nintendo Life)
31-01-20 (03:37)   Nintendo Switch Passes SNES and Estimated Xbox One Sales (DualShockers)
30-01-20 (21:38)   Nintendo 3DS drop sharply, sells less than a million in nine months (Nintendo Enthusiast)
30-01-20 (20:52)   Pokemon, Switch Sell Gangbusters in Nintendo's Latest Earnings Report (DualShockers)
30-01-20 (18:55)   Pokemon Sword & Shield Sees Incredible Sales, Nearly Topping Best-Selling 3DS Games (GameSpot)
30-01-20 (12:09)   The Top Ten Best-Selling Nintendo 3DS Games (As Of December 2019) (Nintendo Life)
30-01-20 (11:40)   The Poor Old Nintendo 3DS Has Sold Just 620,000 Units In The Past Nine Months (Nintendo Life)
29-01-20 (16:37)   Pokemon Home Premium Plan and Features Revealed (DualShockers)
28-01-20 (10:22)   Microsoft is making sure dual-screen apps "are done right" (All About Windows Phone)
26-01-20 (19:52)   The Legend of Zelda Pot Lid Mastery Shows the Depth of Breath of the Wild Gameplay (DualShockers)
24-01-20 (18:40)   Get Discounts On Luigi's Mansion And Smash Bros. For 3DS With My Nintendo Rewards (Europe) (Nintendo Life)
24-01-20 (15:05)   Microsoft Shows Off UI Designs for Dual-Screen Windows 10X (ExtremeTech)
24-01-20 (14:52)   Rune Factory 4 Special Finally Gets a Release Date (DualShockers)
23-01-20 (12:18)   Watch Surface Duo dual-screen UI in action (Emulator video) (WinCentral)
23-01-20 (11:06)   Here's a first look at Android on Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo (TheVerge)
22-01-20 (21:15)   Microsoft starts rolling out developer tools for its dual-screen Surface Duo Android phone (ZDNet News)
22-01-20 (20:06)   This is Microsoft's vision for dual-screen apps on Windows 10X and Android (TheVerge)
22-01-20 (19:54)   Microsoft releases preview SDK for Surface Duo, proposes web standards for dual-screen devices (On MSFT)
22-01-20 (19:15)   Announcing dual-screen preview SDKs and Microsoft 365 Developer Day (Microsoft Blogs)
21-01-20 (14:09)   UK Charts: WarioWare Gold Leaps From 827th To Fifth In Very Successful Week For 3DS (Nintendo Life)
20-01-20 (16:44)   Dragon Ball Z and 3DS conquer latest UK Charts (GamesIndusty.biz)
19-01-20 (03:06)   Super Smash Bros. Fans Go Mild Following Fire Emblem Character Reveal (DualShockers)
17-01-20 (19:44)   The Decade In Video Gaming - How Did PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Performed? (GamingBolt)
17-01-20 (13:57)   Don't get too hyped about folding or dual-screen laptops just yet - CNET (C-Net News.com)

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