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20-08-18 (23:10)   Great Nintendo Switch And 3DS Eshop Deals This Week (US Only) (GameSpot)
17-08-18 (22:52)   Yakuza 3 for PS4 Putting Up a Good Fight in Japan; Bon Festival Pushes Nintendo Games - Media Create (DualShockers)
17-08-18 (19:06)   New Persona Q2 Trailer Features Junpei Iori from Persona 3 (DualShockers)
17-08-18 (16:55)   Don't Get Rid Of Your 3DS Yet (GameSpot)
16-08-18 (23:41)   The Best Nintendo Switch And 3DS Eshop Deals This Week (US Only) (GameSpot)
16-08-18 (00:44)   Endless Ocean, Another Code Trademarks Filed By Nintendo (GamingBolt)
16-08-18 (00:23)   Yakuza 3 and Nintendo Switch Top Japanese Market According to Media Create Charts (DualShockers)
15-08-18 (22:55)   Don't Get Rid Of Your 3DS Just Yet (GameSpot)
15-08-18 (19:52)   Etrian Odyssey X is Coming West to 3DS Next February as Etrian Odyssey Nexus [UPDATED] (DualShockers)
15-08-18 (16:23)   Etrian Odyssey Nexus Announced For Nintendo 3DS In The West, Available February 2019 (Nintendo Life)
14-08-18 (01:01)   Nintendo Crosses 700 Million Units of Hardware Sold, 300 Million of Those Are Consoles (GamingBolt)
12-08-18 (17:06)   This week's best deals include Note 9 preorder bonuses and a discounted 3DS XL SNES edition (TheVerge)
11-08-18 (17:10)   QuakeCon sales, Nintendo 3DS XL discount and more gaming deals (Polygon)
10-08-18 (16:40)   The Euro Nintendo Summer Sale Continues With Up To 80% Off Lots Of Switch And 3DS Games (Nintendo Life)
10-08-18 (16:37)   Persona Q2's New Japanese Commercial Shows Off Characters from Persona 3, 4, and 5 (DualShockers)
10-08-18 (15:13)   Nintendo's Switch Will Replace the 3DS, But There's No Rush (Hardcore Gamer)
10-08-18 (02:43)   Get your Mario Kart nostalgia on with the 3DS XL Super NES Edition (Digital Trends)
09-08-18 (21:41)   Wirecutter's best deals: Save $50 on a Nintendo 3DS XL Super NES Edition (Engadget)
09-08-18 (00:23)   Two 3DS Games Are in the Top-Three of Last Week's Media Create Charts (DualShockers)
08-08-18 (18:23)   Persona Q2 Gets New Screenshots and Art Showing Giant Cast of Characters on Famitsu (DualShockers)
07-08-18 (19:43)   The Great Super NES New Nintendo 3DS XL Deal Is Back at Amazon (IGN.com)
07-08-18 (18:00)   I Just Played A 2DS On My 3DS (Kotaku)
06-08-18 (20:14)   Releasing Cool New Games On 3DS Is Such A Waste (Kotaku)
06-08-18 (19:30)   Persona Q2 Officially Announced, Coming Exclusively to Nintendo 3DS on November 29 (GamingBolt)
06-08-18 (19:29)   Daily Deals: 3DS XL SNES Edition, Switch Memory, and Overcooked 2 (IGN.com)
06-08-18 (18:12)   Grab a SNES edition New 3DS XL for 25% off ($149) before this Amazon deal ends (GamesRadar)
06-08-18 (17:06)   WarioWare Gold Review - Wario is Still Number One! (DualShockers)
06-08-18 (14:10)   The Nintendo 3DS XL SNES Edition is $50 off at Amazon today (Polygon)
06-08-18 (11:52)   Persona Q2 Gets New Trailer, and Box Art; Shows Persona 5, 4, 3, and 3 Portable's Heroes (DualShockers)
04-08-18 (21:00)   Persona Q2 Gets 3DS Release Date in Japan, New Details (IGN.com)
04-08-18 (18:06)   Persona Q2 Finally Gets First Trailer and Japanese Release Date; Features Persona 5 Characters (DualShockers)
03-08-18 (22:13)   WarioWare Gold Releases on 3DS (Hardcore Gamer)
02-08-18 (20:10)   Get out your Nintendo 3DS for this week's Nintendo eShop update (Polygon)
02-08-18 (15:37)   Nintendo's Gamescom 2018 Lineup Includes Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and More (DualShockers)
01-08-18 (16:37)   Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Nintendo Switch Top Media Create Charts (DualShockers)
01-08-18 (15:09)   The Top 10 Best-Selling Nintendo 3DS Games (As Of June 2018) (Nintendo Life)
01-08-18 (13:52)   Take a Look at Nintendo's Lists of Top-Selling Switch and 3DS Games (Nerdist)
01-08-18 (11:09)   Rumour: Luigi's Mansion For 3DS Is Out In October, According To Best Buy (Nintendo Life)
01-08-18 (07:56)   Nintendo's anti-piracy measures arrive on the 3DS with the latest update (Neowin.net)
31-07-18 (20:45)   Switch sales lead Nintendo's first quarter while 3DS and mobile income stagnate (Gamasutra)
31-07-18 (20:30)   Nintendo 3DS Receives New Firmware Update, Which Seems To Do Absolutely Nothing (GamingBolt)
31-07-18 (17:54)   Picross e9 Brings Its Puzzling Gameplay To 3DS Next Month (Nintendo Life)
31-07-18 (17:10)   Top New Games Releasing This Month On PS4, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS -- August 2018 (GameSpot)
31-07-18 (12:43)   Nintendo's Best Selling Switch And 3DS Games To Date (Kotaku)
31-07-18 (11:43)   Lifetime Sales For The Nintendo Switch And Nintendo 3DS (Kotaku)
31-07-18 (10:09)   Review: WarioWare Gold (3DS) (Nintendo Life)
31-07-18 (09:52)   Nintendo Announces Financial Results; Holds Firm on 20 Million Yearly Prediction for Switch (DualShockers)
31-07-18 (09:06)   Nintendo Shipped 19.67 Million Switch Units by June 2018 (DualShockers)
31-07-18 (06:23)   3DS Receives Another Super Stable Update (Nintendo Life)
31-07-18 (04:37)   WarioWare Gold Gets a New Trailer Showing All You Need to Know Before Launch (DualShockers)
30-07-18 (17:37)   de Blob 2 is Making a Splash on Nintendo Switch Next Month (DualShockers)
30-07-18 (17:10)   Top New Game Releases This Month On PS4, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS -- August 2018 (GameSpot)
30-07-18 (08:48)   Microsoft has a patent for a folding dual-screen, dual-camera device (BetaNews)
30-07-18 (01:10)   Top New Games Out This Month On PS4, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS -- August 2018 (GameSpot)
29-07-18 (21:40)   New Microsoft patent envisions a dual-screen mobile device with a camera on each display (On MSFT)
28-07-18 (17:37)   Take it from a Teacher: Classrooms Should Use Game-Based Learning (DualShockers)
26-07-18 (04:54)   Nihon Falcom Dealt With "Online Flaming" For Years Because It Didn't Release Games On Nintendo DS (Nintendo Life)
25-07-18 (15:37)   Taiko Drum Master Has its Best Debut on Nintendo Switch in Japan According to Media Create (DualShockers)
24-07-18 (10:54)   Treasurenauts For 3DS eShop Cancelled, Switch Development Remains On-Track (Nintendo Life)
23-07-18 (23:43)   The 25 best Nintendo 3DS games (Digital Trends)
23-07-18 (15:52)   Two Popular ROM Sites Shutter Following Nintendo's Multi-Million Dollar Piracy Lawsuit (DualShockers)
21-07-18 (19:23)   MercurySteam Interview - Studio Head on How the Studio Was Saved, Working with Nintendo, and More (DualShockers)
20-07-18 (21:10)   All The New Nintendo Switch And 3DS Deals On The US Eshop (GameSpot)
19-07-18 (21:13)   WarioWare Gold Special Demo now Available on 3DS (Hardcore Gamer)
19-07-18 (17:54)   PAW Patrol: On A Roll Brings Nickelodeon's Hit TV Series To Switch And 3DS This October (Nintendo Life)
19-07-18 (16:54)   Paw Patrol: On a Roll announced for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, 3DS and PC (TheXboxHub)
18-07-18 (22:29)   In Latest WarioWare, Nintendo Swaps Out Virtual Boy For Wii U (Kotaku)
18-07-18 (17:29)   The Makers Of Nintendo's Latest Hidden Gem Worry People Missed It (Kotaku)
18-07-18 (00:41)   Best Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Gaming Deals On Switch And 3DS (US) (GameSpot)
18-07-18 (00:41)   Best Amazon Prime Day Gaming Deals: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS (GameSpot)
17-07-18 (23:52)   Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Nintendo Switch Review ? A Puzzlingly Sharp Port (DualShockers)
17-07-18 (21:00)   Grab a Nintendo Switch, New 3DS XL, and More for Prime Day (IGN.com)
17-07-18 (19:06)   Crash Bandicoot Again Takes Top Spot in Weekly UK Sales, Octopath Traveler Debuts at Third (DualShockers)
17-07-18 (18:55)   Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Gaming Deals For PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS (GameSpot)
17-07-18 (11:24)   Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Gaming Deals: Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One, And 3DS (GameSpot)
17-07-18 (03:10)   Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Gaming Deals: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, And 3DS (GameSpot)
17-07-18 (02:10)   Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Gaming Deals: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS (GameSpot)
17-07-18 (00:24)   Best Amazon Prime Day Gaming Deals: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS (GameSpot)
16-07-18 (16:23)   Germany Outlaws Video Game Pre-orders with Uncertain Release Dates (DualShockers)
16-07-18 (16:23)   tinyBuild Games to Reveal 4 New Titles During PAX West Press Conference (DualShockers)
15-07-18 (00:52)   Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Gets a New Overview Trailer (DualShockers)
13-07-18 (20:57)   Microsoft's pressure-sensitive software keyboard is ripe for dual-screen laptops (Digital Trends)
11-07-18 (15:14)   Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Switch and 3DS Review (IGN.com)
11-07-18 (15:09)   Review: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (3DS) (Nintendo Life)
10-07-18 (18:32)   Microsoft is still trying to find a way to bring Andromeda device to consumers (WinCentral)
10-07-18 (17:37)   Runbow Deluxe Edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Finally Gets a Release Date (DualShockers)
10-07-18 (15:12)   The 'dual-screen' Ticwatch Pro costs $250 (Engadget)
10-07-18 (15:06)   The Finney is a $1,000 dual-screen blockchain phone that's endorsed by Lionel Messi (TheVerge)
10-07-18 (15:06)   The dual-screen TicWatch Pro goes on sale for $250 (TheVerge)
09-07-18 (18:30)   15 Video Game Fads That Initially Piqued Your Interest (GamingBolt)
08-07-18 (18:23)   Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's Co-Op Gampeplay Looks Notably Dull in Nintendo Minute Footage (DualShockers)
06-07-18 (17:10)   New Eshop Sale On Nintendo Switch and 3DS Games In The US (GameSpot)
06-07-18 (01:29)   Nintendo Talks Legacy Content For Switch, New amiibo, Next 3DS, Labo Laser Tag, & More! - NVC Ep 414 (IGN.com)
05-07-18 (20:30)   WarioWare Gold Demo Available Now On Nintendo 3DS (GamingBolt)
05-07-18 (10:35)   There's a new WarioWare Gold 3DS demo to try (Eurogamer.net)
05-07-18 (00:06)   Nintendo Announced Three New 2DS XL Variants in Japan: Minecraft, Mario Kart 7, and Animal Crossing (DualShockers)
04-07-18 (00:30)   Nintendo 3DS is a Gateway to the Nintendo Ecosystem, Says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime (GamingBolt)
03-07-18 (17:52)   Thunderful Acquires Rising Star Games and Appoints New Managing Director (DualShockers)
03-07-18 (17:28)   Reggie Fils-Aime: 'Vibrant' 3DS remains a key part of Nintendo armory (Gamasutra)
03-07-18 (01:10)   Nintendo's New President Gives Some Hope To Those Wanting A 3DS Successor (GameSpot)
02-07-18 (19:44)   Nintendo Considering Various Options for 3DS Successor (GamingBolt)
02-07-18 (14:35)   Microsoft has been dreaming of a pocketable dual-screen Surface device for years (TheVerge)
01-07-18 (18:52)   New Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa Talks Mobile Games and 3DS Successor (DualShockers)
30-06-18 (22:37)   Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk Presents an Intriguing Murder Mystery on 3DS (DualShockers)
30-06-18 (15:09)   Nintendo Is Considering A Successor To The 3DS According To Its New President (Nintendo Life)
29-06-18 (22:09)   Here's Even More Evidence of Microsoft's Rumored Dual-Screen Surface  (Gizmodo)
29-06-18 (03:44)   Yo-Kai Watch Blasters Offers Real-Time Combat, Comes to 3DS in September (Hardcore Gamer)
28-06-18 (17:52)   Yo-Kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps and White Dog Squad Coming to 3DS in September (DualShockers)
28-06-18 (07:06)   Neko Tomo for Nintendo Switch and 3DS Announced; Is the Most Adorable Thing You'll See Today (DualShockers)
27-06-18 (11:23)   Video: Digital Foundry Praises Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker On Both Switch And 3DS (Nintendo Life)
26-06-18 (22:41)   Excellent Nintendo Switch And 3DS Deals On The US Eshop (GameSpot)
26-06-18 (17:12)   We have questions about dual-screen laptops (Engadget)
26-06-18 (15:35)   Captain Toad on Switch is excellent - but 3DS is the real surprise (Eurogamer.net)
25-06-18 (20:23)   Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido Review - An Intense and Charming Action-Puzzle Romp (DualShockers)
25-06-18 (19:55)   Great Nintendo Switch And 3DS Deals On The US Eshop (GameSpot)
22-06-18 (13:30)   Etrian Odyssey X New 'Adventurers Of Armoroad' Trailer Introduces Five Classes (GamingBolt)
21-06-18 (22:55)   Some Great Nintendo Switch And 3DS Deals On The US Eshop (GameSpot)
21-06-18 (00:30)   Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Replaces Super Mario 3D World Stages on Switch, 3DS (GamingBolt)
20-06-18 (20:52)   New Video for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Shows Off Gameplay from Both Switch and 3DS Versions (DualShockers)
20-06-18 (15:49)   Captain Toad Nintendo Switch and 3DS demos now available (Eurogamer.net)
20-06-18 (13:23)   Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Demo Goes Live On Japanese Switch And 3DS eShops (Nintendo Life)
19-06-18 (18:43)   Nintendo isn't abandoning the 3DS, despite its absence at E3 (Digital Trends)
19-06-18 (06:54)   3DS OS Version 11.7.0-40 Is Now Available For Download (Nintendo Life)
19-06-18 (06:15)   Nintendo Will Announce New 3DS Games This Year, Discusses Mario Kart Tour (GamingBolt)
19-06-18 (04:40)   Reggie On The Status Of More Nintendo 3DS Games And Mario Kart Tour (Nintendo Life)
18-06-18 (22:29)   Nintendo Will Continue to Announce More 2DS, 3DS Games (IGN.com)
18-06-18 (18:23)   DualShockers' E3 2018 Awards ? Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-Man Take Home the Gold (DualShockers)
18-06-18 (15:52)   Runbow Gets New PS4 and Nintendo Switch Release Date After Short Delay (DualShockers)
16-06-18 (02:37)   Nintendo Celebrating E3 2018 With A Sale On Switch & 3DS Games (Ubergizmo)
15-06-18 (19:22)   Nintendo 3DS was nowhere to be seen during E3 2018 (SlashGear)
15-06-18 (16:41)   Good news everyone! The Nintendo 3DS may be on the way out (update) (Polygon)
15-06-18 (16:06)   Inti Creates Interview - CEO Discusses Nintendo Switch, Dragon: Marked for Death, and More (DualShockers)
15-06-18 (06:22)   Nintendo E3 sale for Switch, 3DS is a rare treat (SlashGear)
14-06-18 (23:11)   Windows 10 is adding SwiftKey, laying the groundwork for dual-screen tablets - CNET (C-Net News.com)
14-06-18 (21:41)   Rick and Morty co-creator really, really wants a new 3D Castlevania game on the 3DS (Polygon)
14-06-18 (20:08)   The Nintendo Switch is a smash hit ? but a top Nintendo exec says it's not giving up on the 3DS (NTDOY) (Business Insider)
14-06-18 (00:57)   Surface Pro 6 could be 'heavily redesigned' for 2019, dual-screen Andromeda this year - CNET (C-Net News.com)
12-06-18 (22:12)   Microsoft leak hints dual-screen Andromeda will arrive this year (Digital Trends)
12-06-18 (19:12)   Hey Nintendo, where's 'Metroid Prime 4'? (Engadget)
09-06-18 (22:10)   Every Nintendo Switch And 3DS Game From E3 Coming In 2018 (GameSpot)
09-06-18 (16:23)   Pokemon Marathon Charity Stream For St. Jude Live From June 8-15 (DualShockers)
09-06-18 (15:49)   This dual-screen concept splices a Windows PC with an E Ink notepad (TheVerge)
08-06-18 (16:52)   Nintendo Announces "E3 Experience at Nintendo NY" (DualShockers)
08-06-18 (15:41)   How the PlayStation Vita compares to legendary handhelds (Engadget)
08-06-18 (04:41)   Biggest Nintendo Switch And 3DS Games Of E3 2018: Pokemon, Smash Bros, And More (GameSpot)
07-06-18 (14:40)   No keyboard, no problem: Welcome to the dual-screen laptop era - CNET (C-Net News.com)
07-06-18 (08:58)   I wish I could buy Intel's cute little E Ink dual-screen PC (Engadget)
07-06-18 (08:56)   Intel's showing off its own version of a dual-screen notebook PC (Neowin.net)
06-06-18 (22:10)   Biggest Nintendo Switch And 3DS Games Of E3 2018: Smash Bros, Pokemon, And More (GameSpot)
06-06-18 (18:57)   Intel hopes to kick-start dual-screen Windows 10 market with its own designs (Digital Trends)
06-06-18 (16:09)   Intel's Tiger Rapids concept devices adds more to the folding dual-screen PC flow (On MSFT)
06-06-18 (13:23)   The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack Is Now Available For Minecraft On 3DS (Nintendo Life)
06-06-18 (12:49)   Intel teases dual-screen concept PCs as rumors of ARM versions heat up (TheVerge)
06-06-18 (07:06)   Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Surpasses 100,000 Downloads (DualShockers)
05-06-18 (23:55)   E3 2018: Biggest Nintendo Switch And 3DS Games (GameSpot)
05-06-18 (20:00)   Dual-screen laptops debut at Asus' Computex chat (The Register)
05-06-18 (15:54)   Asus unveils new Zenbook Pro 15 with Screenpad and a dual-screen Precog laptop (On MSFT)
05-06-18 (11:10)   Asus' Project Precog is a futuristic dual-screen laptop coming next year (Neowin.net)
05-06-18 (09:57)   Lenovo gives sneak peek of dual-screen Yoga Book 2 (and Yoga Book 3) - CNET (C-Net News.com)
05-06-18 (06:57)   Asus' dual-screen AI Precog laptop is a vision of the future - CNET (C-Net News.com)
05-06-18 (06:27)   ASUS' Project Precog is a dual-screen AI-powered concept PC (Engadget)
04-06-18 (22:55)   E3 2018: The Biggest Nintendo Switch And 3DS Games (GameSpot)
04-06-18 (20:05)   E3 2018 Predictions: Nintendo (GameInformer.com)
04-06-18 (18:06)   Square Enix Plans to "Further Advance its Multiplatform Approach" (DualShockers)
02-06-18 (09:30)   Etrian Odyssey X Receives Second Trailer (GamingBolt)
02-06-18 (04:10)   The Biggest Nintendo Switch And 3DS Games Of E3 2018 (GameSpot)
31-05-18 (22:10)   Biggest Nintendo Switch And 3DS Games Of E3 2018 (GameSpot)
31-05-18 (20:41)   Dell reportedly working on a dual-screen Windows 10 device (Neowin.net)
31-05-18 (19:43)   Dell is reportedly working on its dual-screen version of the Surface Phone (Digital Trends)
31-05-18 (16:57)   Dell dual-screen Windows 10 on Arm device might be in the works - CNET (C-Net News.com)
31-05-18 (14:52)   Dell Reportedly Developing A Dual-Screen ARM Windows Device (Ubergizmo)
31-05-18 (14:20)   Dell is reportedly working on a dual-screen Windows ARM device (TheVerge)
31-05-18 (08:01)   Dell is working on its own Surface Phone/Andromeda Dual-Screen device, hint recent leaks (WinCentral)
30-05-18 (05:06)   Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! to Introduce a Brand New Pokémon (DualShockers)
30-05-18 (04:23)   Pokémon's Next Core Games Will Come in Late 2019 (DualShockers)
29-05-18 (23:12)   Nintendo's latest 2DS XL is a tribute to Link's Shield (Engadget)
29-05-18 (20:52)   The New Hylian Shield 2DS XL Sure is Making Me Want to Buy a 2DS Again (DualShockers)
29-05-18 (14:40)   Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (3DS) (Nintendo Life)
29-05-18 (13:01)   Etrian Odyssey X Japanase Box Art Has Been Revealed (GamingBolt)
29-05-18 (12:06)   Detroit: Become Human and State of Decay Finally Dethrone God of War in the UK Sales Charts (DualShockers)
26-05-18 (17:37)   Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Gets Gameplay Trailer (DualShockers)
26-05-18 (03:10)   E3 2018: Every Nintendo 3DS Game Confirmed So Far (GameSpot)
25-05-18 (23:34)   New Gameplay Trailer Offers A Glimpse At The Game's New Donk City Level (GameInformer.com)
25-05-18 (20:29)   New Post-Apocalyptic 3DS Game Is Nintendo At Its Weirdest (Kotaku)
25-05-18 (07:15)   Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Now Available, 8-Bit Spinoff to Ritual of the Night (GamingBolt)
25-05-18 (03:05)   'Rick And Morty' Creator Explains A Fan-Favorite Joke By Selling A Nintendo 3DS (Comicbook.com)
25-05-18 (00:10)   Rick and Morty co-creator makes good on season 2 joke by selling $1K Legend of Zelda 3DS (Polygon)
24-05-18 (23:58)   Grock and Roll with Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers Today on Nintendo 3DS (Hardcore Gamer)
24-05-18 (19:27)   Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Now Available on PC, PS4, Vita, 3DS, and Switch (Hardcore Gamer)
24-05-18 (18:06)   E3 2018 Dreams - I Want a First Look at Fire Emblem Gracing the Nintendo Switch (DualShockers)
24-05-18 (15:09)   Review: Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers (3DS) (Nintendo Life)
23-05-18 (23:22)   Dear Nintendo: Look at this DIY 3DS-like phone (SlashGear)
23-05-18 (11:54)   Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong And Super Mario Maker On 3DS Join The European 'Selects' Range (Nintendo Life)
23-05-18 (05:23)   Etrian Odyssey X Gets New Screenshots Showing NPCs and Brand New Monsters (DualShockers)
22-05-18 (15:40)   Atlus Insists It Is Still "Hard At Work" On Persona Q2 For Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo Life)
21-05-18 (20:06)   DualShockers' WeebCast Episode 06: Akihabara, the Otaku Capital (DualShockers)
21-05-18 (12:23)   God of War Continues Dominating Sales Charts in the UK for the Fifth Week in a Row (DualShockers)
21-05-18 (03:55)   Nintendo DS sees new life as the 'Neon Advance' (Polygon)
21-05-18 (00:14)   The Week In Games: Mega Man And Other Androids (Kotaku)
20-05-18 (18:37)   Square Enix Files Trademark for the Name "Outriders" in Europe (DualShockers)
20-05-18 (13:06)   DF Retro: Revisiting E3 2004 - PlayStation Portable vs Nintendo DS (Eurogamer.net)
20-05-18 (01:06)   Code of Princess EX Lands July Launch Date on Nintendo Switch; Pre-Order Physical Bonuses Revealed (DualShockers)
19-05-18 (17:52)   ESRB Rating Change Won't Hurt Indie Developers, According to Agency (DualShockers)
19-05-18 (17:52)   Best Buy Kills Off Popular Discount Membership Gamers Club Unlocked (DualShockers)
18-05-18 (03:34)   The Story Of The Time Ben Reeves Played In A Smash Bros. Tournament (GameInformer.com)
17-05-18 (19:06)   Chrono Trigger on PC Receives Another Update to Bring it Closer to the Original (DualShockers)
17-05-18 (18:00)   If You Have A 3DS, You Should Play This New JRPG (Kotaku)
16-05-18 (17:37)   Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido Receives New Trailer Highlighting its Wacky Story (DualShockers)
16-05-18 (17:06)   I'm not ready to give up my Nintendo 3DS yet (TheVerge)
16-05-18 (15:52)   Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Switch Top Media Create Sales Charts Twice in a Row (DualShockers)
15-05-18 (21:10)   Top New Games Releasing This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS -- May 13-20 (GameSpot)
15-05-18 (16:37)   Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Review ? Oh My Harvest! (DualShockers)
14-05-18 (17:10)   Top New Game Releases This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS -- May 13-20 (GameSpot)
14-05-18 (01:10)   Top New Games Out This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS -- May 13-20 (GameSpot)
12-05-18 (22:52)   Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Gets Tons of 1080p Screenshots Showing Nostalgic Gameplay (DualShockers)
12-05-18 (20:48)   The Castlevania-Inspired Platformer Is Coming This Month (GameInformer.com)
12-05-18 (05:37)   Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Ally System Detailed by Inti Creates (DualShockers)
12-05-18 (05:37)   Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, and PC (DualShockers)
11-05-18 (23:23)   Golden Week in Japan: Decline of Games on Nintendo, Growth on PlayStation; Good Start for Donkey Kong (DualShockers)
11-05-18 (10:52)   Square Enix Announces Better-than-Expected Income Due to NieR: Automata, Final Fantasy XIV, and More (DualShockers)
11-05-18 (09:52)   Sega Aims to Expand Sales of its Japanese Games in the West; Plans to Create New IPs (DualShockers)
10-05-18 (22:55)   3DS Games: Buy One Get One Half Price In The US (GameSpot)
10-05-18 (20:58)   Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers Demo Now Available on 3DS (Hardcore Gamer)
09-05-18 (18:41)   3DS Games: Buy One Get One Half Off In The US (GameSpot)
09-05-18 (15:52)   Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Switch Top Media Create Sales Chart (DualShockers)
08-05-18 (17:52)   Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Is Still Strange But Slightly More Kawaii (DualShockers)
08-05-18 (17:06)   Nintendo Has "No Plans" to Revive the Virtual Console Brand on Nintendo Switch (DualShockers)
08-05-18 (12:44)   Monster Hunter World Global Shipments at 7.9 Million Units (GamingBolt)
08-05-18 (08:52)   Monster Hunter World Shipped 7.9 Million Units; Brings Highest Profitability Level in Capcom's History (DualShockers)
08-05-18 (01:01)   Nintendo's New Commercials Push the Switch and 3DS, Both (GamingBolt)
07-05-18 (22:52)   Nintendo Pushes Both Switch and New 2DS XL With New Summer Trailers (DualShockers)
07-05-18 (21:41)   3DS Games: Buy One Get One 50% Off In The US (GameSpot)
07-05-18 (20:23)   DualShockers' WeebCast Episode 05: Visual Novels (DualShockers)
06-05-18 (19:06)   FTC Threatens Legal Action Against Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo (DualShockers)
04-05-18 (23:10)   Nintendo Switch, 3DS Eshop Sale: Best Game Discounts In The US (GameSpot)
04-05-18 (19:00)   Top Switch Games We Want Nintendo to Announce at E3 2018, the future of the 3DS & more! - NVC Ep 406 (IGN.com)
04-05-18 (05:37)   Nintendo 3DS Will Be Supported Until Switch Becomes A 'One-Person-One System' (Ubergizmo)
03-05-18 (20:15)   Nintendo Will Continue to Sell 3DS Until Switch Becomes a "One-Per-Person System" (GamingBolt)
03-05-18 (16:40)   Nintendo Says 3DS Will Keep Being Sold Unless Switch Becomes A "One-Per-Person System" (Nintendo Life)
03-05-18 (15:54)   Nintendo Says 3DS Will Keep Being Sold Unless Switch Becomes A "One-Per-Person-System" (Nintendo Life)
03-05-18 (07:40)   Grezzo Is Handling The Luigi's Mansion Port For 3DS (Nintendo Life)
03-05-18 (00:52)   Switch and PS4 Neck and Neck in Japan as Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018 Tops Media Create (DualShockers)
01-05-18 (13:44)   Etrian Odyssey X New Screens Showcasing Hero Class, NPCs, And More Revealed (GamingBolt)
01-05-18 (13:19)   Cisco sells part of its NDS video assets, acquired for $5B, to Permira to build a new business (TechCrunch)
01-05-18 (08:23)   Etrian Odyssey X Gets Plenty of New Screenshots Showing Hero Class, Characters, and More (DualShockers)
29-04-18 (00:52)   Nintendo Talks Achieving its 20 Million Switch Shipments Goal, Expanding the Business, and More (DualShockers)
28-04-18 (16:15)   The Golden Era of Gaming- PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox Are All Doing Great, and Gamers Benefit as a Whole (GamingBolt)
27-04-18 (20:59)   Nintendo still has plans for the 3DS through '2019 and beyond' (Gamasutra)
27-04-18 (20:45)   Nintendo still has plans for the 3DS for '2019 and beyond' (Gamasutra)
27-04-18 (20:44)   Nintendo Planning 3DS Games for 2019 And Beyond (GamingBolt)
27-04-18 (16:41)   Best Nintendo Switch, 3DS Eshop Deals This Week In The US (GameSpot)
27-04-18 (08:01)   The Year Of The Legendaries Continues With Another Pokemon Distribution In Pokemon Sun And Moon (GamingBolt)
27-04-18 (05:29)   Nintendo Promises Support for the 3DS Through 2019 and Beyond (IGN.com)
27-04-18 (05:09)   Kimishima Says Nintendo Has Plans For The 3DS In 2019 And Beyond (Nintendo Life)
27-04-18 (04:06)   Nintendo: Second Year Is "All-Important" for the Switch; Online Info Coming in May; 3DS Isn't Dead (DualShockers)
27-04-18 (03:52)   Nintendo Announces E3 2018 Plans and Livestreams; Super Smash Bros. Will Be a Focus (DualShockers)
26-04-18 (12:01)   Nintendo 3DS Sells 72.53 Million Units in Lifetime, SNES Classic Hits 5.28 Million (GamingBolt)
26-04-18 (09:37)   Nintendo Predicts to Ship 37.79 Million Switch Units By March 2019; Announces Strong Results (DualShockers)
26-04-18 (09:23)   Nintendo Shipped 17.79 Million Switch Units by March 31st, 2018 (DualShockers)
25-04-18 (15:23)   Nintendo Labo and Switch Top the Japanese Market According to Media Create; God of War Ranks Second (DualShockers)
23-04-18 (19:23)   DualShockers' WeebCast Episode 03: Waiting for the Final Fantasy VII Remake (DualShockers)
22-04-18 (18:37)   Mystery Gift Entei and Raikou Now Available for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (DualShockers)
20-04-18 (20:23)   13AM Games Delays the PS4 and Nintendo Switch Versions of Runbow (DualShockers)
19-04-18 (01:52)   The Snack World and Switch Top Media Create; Monster Hunter World Passes Two Million Units in Japan (DualShockers)
17-04-18 (23:05)   Who Would The Avengers Be As Smash Bros. Characters? (GameInformer.com)
16-04-18 (23:23)   DualShockers Deal Hunters: Earth-Based Warehouse Deals (DualShockers)
16-04-18 (09:23)   Etrian Odyssey X Gets Tons of Screenshots and Artwork from Atlus (DualShockers)
14-04-18 (00:52)   Nintendo's Kyoto Headquarters Explored in Latest Nintendo Minute (DualShockers)
12-04-18 (21:52)   What Remains of Edith Finch Is Game of the Year at the BAFTA Games Awards 2018; Full List Inside (DualShockers)
11-04-18 (22:34)   Shovel Knight Hits Two Million Copies Sold (GameInformer.com)
11-04-18 (18:43)   Hacker Says It Took Him Two Weeks To Add Save Back-Ups To Switch (Kotaku)
11-04-18 (16:52)   Kirby Star Allies and Switch Top Media Create Charts for Japan (DualShockers)
10-04-18 (19:30)   Etrian Odyssey X Announced For Nintendo 3DS; New Trailer, Box Art And Japanese Release Date Revealed (GamingBolt)
10-04-18 (12:54)   Etrian Odyssey Is Mapping Out One Final Adventure On Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo Life)
10-04-18 (09:06)   Etrian Odyssey X Announced by Atlus for Nintendo 3DS; Will Be the Last on the Console (DualShockers)
10-04-18 (08:27)   Etrian Odyssey X Announced as Last Series Entry for 3DS (Hardcore Gamer)
09-04-18 (19:15)   Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Wiki - Everything You Need To Know About The Game (GamingBolt)
09-04-18 (17:52)   DualShockers' WeebCast Episode 01: Yoko Taro, the Genius (DualShockers)
09-04-18 (16:06)   New Legendary Pokémon Zeraora Unveiled for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (DualShockers)
08-04-18 (20:23)   Free Detective Pikachu Demo Available Now on Nintendo eShop (DualShockers)
08-04-18 (18:15)   Final Fantasy 7 Remake And Kingdom Hearts 3 Top Famitsu Charts Once Again (GamingBolt)
08-04-18 (15:37)   Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest XI for Switch Is Based on PS4 Version; Explains Lack of 3DS Version (DualShockers)
08-04-18 (04:48)   Square Enix Explains Dragon Quest XI Switch Delay And 3DS No-Show (GameInformer.com)
05-04-18 (20:05)   Detective Pikachu Demo Progress Will Carry Over To Full Game (GameInformer.com)
05-04-18 (20:01)   Detective Pikachu Demo Now Available for Nintendo 3DS (GamingBolt)
05-04-18 (19:01)   Detective Pikachu Review - A Bolt of Brilliance (GamingBolt)
05-04-18 (14:44)   Nintendo 3DS Lifetime Sales Cross 24 Million Units in Japan (GamingBolt)
05-04-18 (03:36)   ZTE Axon M teardown reveals dual screen secrets (SlashGear)
05-04-18 (02:37)   Nintendo 3DS Passes 24 Million Units Sold in Japan After Seven Years (DualShockers)
05-04-18 (02:06)   Super Robot Wars X and Nintendo Switch Top Japanese Sales According to Media Create (DualShockers)
04-04-18 (18:09)   Random: Nintendo Fixed One Man's Out Of Warranty, First-Gen 3DS For Next To Nothing (Nintendo Life)
04-04-18 (12:00)   Man Is Surprised At How Little Nintendo Charged For 3DS Parts (Kotaku)
02-04-18 (20:53)   Little Adventure on the Prairie review for PS Vita, PS4, 3DS (Gaming Age Online)
02-04-18 (19:52)   DualShockers, Independence, Affiliates, and You (DualShockers)
01-04-18 (21:23)   Detective Pikachu Review - The Great Electric Mouse Detective (DualShockers)
31-03-18 (19:37)   My Nintendo Rewards for April Celebrate National Siblings Day (DualShockers)
30-03-18 (21:43)   If You're A Pokémon Fan, You Should Play Detective Pikachu (Kotaku)
30-03-18 (17:23)   Nintendo Unveils PAX East 2018 Lineup; Includes Donkey Kong, Wolfenstein II, Dark Souls, and More (DualShockers)
30-03-18 (14:00)   The Reason Why Detective Pikachu Loves Coffee (Kotaku)
29-03-18 (22:19)   A Bit Too Elementary, My Dear Pikachu (GameInformer.com)
29-03-18 (22:10)   Dragon Quest 11 Switch Coming Much Later, And Not To 3DS (GameSpot)
29-03-18 (04:23)   New Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Gets Trailers Showing Characters from Awakening (DualShockers)
28-03-18 (22:37)   Monster Hunter World Sold 160,000 Copies Digitally in Japan in February (DualShockers)
28-03-18 (21:55)   Dragon Quest 11 Switch Coming Much Later, And 3DS Not At All (GameSpot)
28-03-18 (19:55)   The 27 Best Nintendo 3DS Games (GameSpot)
28-03-18 (19:41)   The 27 Best 3DS Games (GameSpot)
28-03-18 (19:10)   Dragon Quest 11 Switch Coming Much Later, 3DS Not At All (GameSpot)
28-03-18 (18:52)   Dragon Quest XI Will Not Get Western Release on 3DS; Nintendo Switch Version Coming "Much Later" (DualShockers)
28-03-18 (18:06)   Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Ni No Kuni II Launch in 2nd and 3rd Place In Japan on Media Create Chart (DualShockers)
27-03-18 (20:59)   Don't Miss: A look back at how Nintendo created the 3DS and its innovative hardware (Gamasutra)
27-03-18 (17:06)   The Alliance Alive Shows Off its Huge World and Adventure in Launch Trailer (DualShockers)
26-03-18 (18:14)   Guess I'm Not Done With My 3DS (Kotaku)
26-03-18 (16:09)   Review: The Alliance Alive (3DS) (Nintendo Life)
26-03-18 (16:06)   The Alliance Alive Review - All The Right Ingredients of a Classic JRPG (DualShockers)
26-03-18 (04:06)   Newest Detective Pikachu Trailer Celebrates Its Launch (DualShockers)
26-03-18 (00:14)   The Week In Games: Cults And 'Coasters (Kotaku)
25-03-18 (17:52)   Adorable Free Detective Pikachu E-Book Available for Download Now (DualShockers)
22-03-18 (15:09)   Review: Detective Pikachu (3DS) (Nintendo Life)
22-03-18 (05:23)   The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Claims Game of The Year at GDC Awards 2018 (DualShockers)
21-03-18 (17:43)   Every Big Game Coming Out In Spring 2018 (Kotaku)
21-03-18 (14:37)   Kirby Star Allies and Nintendo Switch Stand at the Top of Japan According to Media Create (DualShockers)
21-03-18 (06:37)   PS4 Won February in the US According to the NPD; Monster Hunter World Holds the Top for Software (DualShockers)
20-03-18 (15:40)   Grab Zelda, ARMS, FIFA 18 And More In The Big eShop Sale On 3DS, Wii U And Switch (Nintendo Life)
18-03-18 (22:23)   The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wins Game of the Year in SXSW Gaming Awards (DualShockers)
18-03-18 (00:37)   New Detective Pikachu Trailer Highlights the Titular Character (DualShockers)
17-03-18 (21:37)   Nintendo eShop Sale Features Publisher Square Enix; Ends Next Friday (DualShockers)
16-03-18 (17:09)   Feature: CIRCLE Entertainment On Outgrowing 3DS, Embracing Switch And Maturing As A Publisher (Nintendo Life)
14-03-18 (20:52)   Hokuto Ga Gotoku Finally Dethrones Monster Hunter World in Japan According to Media Create (DualShockers)
13-03-18 (18:37)   Atlus Shows off 'The Alliance Alive' Physical Release in New Unboxing Video (DualShockers)
13-03-18 (00:10)   Biggest Nintendo Switch And 3DS Games To Play In 2018 (GameSpot)
12-03-18 (14:23)   Witch and Hero 3 Arrives On 3DS eShop In Europe This Week, North America "Very Soon" (Nintendo Life)
11-03-18 (13:24)   All The New Switch And 3DS Games Shown During Nintendo Direct (GameSpot)
10-03-18 (13:10)   Luigi's Mansion Remake Announced For 3DS In Nintendo Direct (GameSpot)
10-03-18 (00:40)   Everything Nintendo just announced for Switch and 3DS - CNET (C-Net News.com)
09-03-18 (16:24)   Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018 brings Super Smash Bros, Okami HD to Switch; Luigi's Mansion, WarioWare to 3DS (Gaming Age Online)
09-03-18 (12:55)   Nintendo Direct: Luigi's Mansion Remake Arrives On 3DS This Year (GameSpot)
09-03-18 (12:54)   Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Is Back On Nintendo 3DS With Added Content (Nintendo Life)
09-03-18 (12:09)   Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido Will Hit Switch And 3DS This June (Nintendo Life)
09-03-18 (11:23)   Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers Will Roll Onto Nintendo 3DS This May (Nintendo Life)
09-03-18 (10:54)   Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers Will Roll On To Nintendo 3DS This May (Nintendo Life)
09-03-18 (08:41)   'Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker' heads to Nintendo Switch and 3DS (Engadget)
09-03-18 (02:51)   Nintendo Direct: Super Smash Bros on Switch, WarioWare, Splatoon 2 DLC (SlashGear)
09-03-18 (01:02)   Nintendo Direct: Here are all the new games coming to Switch and 3DS (TechnoBuffalo)
09-03-18 (00:44)   WarioWare Gold, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, and Luigi's Mansion Announced for Nintendo 3DS (GamingBolt)
09-03-18 (00:35)   3DS puzzler Sushi Striker (and its phenomenal theme song) now coming to Switch (Eurogamer.net)
09-03-18 (00:24)   Nintendo Direct's 3DS Lineup (GameSpot)
09-03-18 (00:24)   Luigi's Mansion Remake Coming To 3DS This Year (GameSpot)
09-03-18 (00:12)   The first 'WarioWare' game in five years comes to 3DS in August (Engadget)
09-03-18 (00:09)   Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Makes The Leap To Switch And 3DS (Nintendo Life)
09-03-18 (00:06)   Nintendo Switch Version of Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido Announced Alongside June Release Date (DualShockers)

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